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Actress and ambassador of UNICEF, beautiful Anna is expecting a little girl, who is a bit of a surprise. After a childhood spent in Kazakhstan, she chose to settle in Paris which she is happily calling her true home. Passionate about fashion, healthy lifestyle and cinema, she has had an opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese... Just like that!

Are you having a girl or a boy? Or did you keep it a surprise?

She's a little girl. She will be a true Parisian by birth, while her mother is an adopted Parisian at heart.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

When I found out, I cried and smiled - unable to stop. Now, every time I think about that moment, I can’t hold back tears of happiness. It was such a surprise! I immediately called my other half to share this wonderful news. I will never forget this moment of intense joy.

9 months of pregnancy: too short or too long?

I’ve been enjoying every minute! Several doctors had told me that I wouldn’t be able to have a baby... And yet, I got pregnant right away and naturally. It was such a miracle!
When I found out, I remember replaying Francis Verber’s play in my mind where the main character gets pregnant and exclaims: “It’s a miracle!”. So, a big thank you Francis Veber who brought me luck! [Laughs] Although my pregnancy journey is very personal, I find it important to share my experience. It is a positive and hopeful message for all women who are struggling to have a child.

Is there anything you are currently craving that you cannot have?

A glass of fine red wine! I dream of it... I was hoping to have a glass of grand cru once I have the baby, but I do plan on breastfeeding so… I'll have to wait!

What values do you want to pass on to your little girl?

I wish to convey to her the Russian culture of my ancestors, and all the beautiful traditions that come from so far away! However, I also want her dad to share the culture and the art of living "French" with her.

What has been an essential fashion item for you during this pregnancy?

The essential pieces are those that make you feel beautiful! I have already gained 14 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy, and I feel... enooorme! Every piece of Envie de Fraise clothing that I wear, I feel wonderful in: the fit and the colours are simply the best. Leggings, dresses, overalls... I like it all!

When you hear Envie de Fraise, what does it make you think of?

It makes me want strawberries, panna cotta, millefeuille, praline chocolate, meringue, nougat, ice cream, caramel but also ogurchiki (Russian pickles) and Medovik (Russian honey cake). I'm a greedy gourmand and, with me being pregnant, it's even worse!

A few words for your baby?

My little angel, I love you so very much!

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