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Dynamic, passionate and charming would be the perfect words to describe Anne – founder of, a women’s online blogger platform where she currently holds the Editorial Director position. In parallel, she also publishes on her own blog sharing her fashion and home decor tips. The 35 year old is expecting her second child. She took an opportunity to share with us her motherhood experiences…

How would you describe your tribe?

A very active, modern and happy tribe! We try to spend as much time together as we can despite our busy schedules. We manage to have dinner as a family almost every evening and be present for the bedtime ritual. Some very busy working parents do not always have an opportunity to do this on weekdays!

What values would you like to pass on to your children?

Kindness and respect, towards others but also towards themselves. I would also like to instil self-confidence. I truly believe it is a big asset in life, which releases positive energy and helps succeed on all kinds of projects.

How would you describe yourself as a mom?

A rather cool mom, sometimes I get a bit stressed but I do my best to keep it in check so that my son grows up in a household full of positive energy. I think thus far I’ve done a descent job as he is a very cheerful and creative little boy. It is not easy to be a parent, you have to know how to be flexible: to establish rules without supressing the imagination and creativity of your children.

What inspires you as a mom every day?

Motherhood is a fascinating adventure because at times it tends to test your limits. My son helped me to get to know myself better and made me a better, stronger person. It is also wonderful to watch him grow and rediscover the little happiness of childhood through his eyes! Draw, play, watch the clouds ... With him, I get to experience carefree moments and it's amazing!

Fun family moments?

Happiness is often in the simplicity of everyday life. Spending time with the family is often enough to make us happy. During the weekends, we try to make sure that every moment is a little party: we go to the cinema, eat out at a restaurant, bake cakes ... We can be total homebodies too…

Is there anything you are currently craving that you cannot have?

Right now it seem like I mostly want EVERYTHING that I cannot have: sushi, a glass of champagne and a slice of sausage! I also had to stop gymnastics, I look forward to resuming after I have the baby.

How would you describe Envie de Fraise?

I discovered the brand during my first pregnancy but this time I really indulged and bought many things from the winter collection: dresses, Clint jeans and sweaters. Envie de Fraise flatters the body while providing comfort! Thank you Envie de Fraise for making me glamorous and for becoming my true companion during this special time!

What passions do you share with your little one?

My son and I share the love for shoes. Ever since he started walking he has developed a love for sneakers! But we are very reasonable and he does not have that many pairs. It must be said my other half and I love fashion so inevitably our boy is also into it. You can’t force him to wear something he doesn’t like! He also loves to complement me when he likes my outfit, it too cute.

A few words for your baby?

Our little nugget, we already picked out your name and are waiting for you impatiently. We even demolished part of the apartment to make a nice new room for you!

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