Solène The Elegant


Elegant and charismatic, Solène is the Traffic Manager at Envie de Fraise… And a regular fitting model for our latest collection. The 29 year old is already mum to a little 21 month old boy, Quentin, and is eagerly looking forward to expanding her lively tribe!

How would you describe your tribe?

Cheerful and united. We are a very tightly knit family. Naturally, every one of us has our own personalities but we truly get along very well. One thing we're currently enjoying is colour-coordinating ourselves in the Envie de Fraise Family Collection!

What are the most important values you would like to convey to your children?

Mutual understanding and sharing, and later, as they grow up, I hope to teach them the value of a strong work ethic - though it's also very important to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

What is your "mum" style ?

I like to think of myself as a cool and modern mum, with strong values I hope to pass on to my children.

What inspires you every day?

In general, the happiness of my family. It is truly amazing watching my little boy grow up and flourish. I also really enjoy spending time with friends and my husband.

What experiences and hobbies would you like to share with your baby?

The love for travel and discovering new places, long walks on the beach with family, and sharing special moments together.

9 months of pregnancy: too long or too short?

I gave birth to Quentin early, so I really didn’t feel like time dragged on. This time around, I must admit, I am dreading the final weeks of pregnancy (the wait can feel endless!)

Is there anything you are currently craving but can’t have?

A glass of wine with cheese!

And the little things in life...?

There is nothing like lazy weekend mornings snuggling with our son who sometimes sneaks into the bed with us, afternoon strolls in Paris, and truly savouring all of our son’s "firsts".

How would you describe Envie de Fraise?

For me, it is very special and personal because I work here. So I would say: exciting new challenges, busy days that fly by in a moment and more importantly beautiful clothing that flatters the body during pregnancy… and even after!

A few words for your unborn baby?

We're ready whenever you are!

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