Julie lives on the East Coast with her husband and works as a stylist at Madewell, an Amrican women's clothing brand. She loves fashion and has a passion for photography. Staying active on her @julesdenby Instagram account gives Julie a way to express herself creatively on a daily basis. She has grown a significant following through her creative pics of everything from food to daily outfits and street snaps always boasting with both clever and funny comments. What else can we say ?! We’re addicted.

Girl or boy… do you find out or keep it a surprise?

It’s a boy! I really wanted to know !

You crave… strawberries or an extra large steak?

I'm craving oranges, apples with peanut butter, rice pudding and salad! Haha… So boring I know, at least my cravings have been pretty healthy thus far.

9 months of pregnancy… too long or short?

9 months of pregnancy seems perfect right now! I imagine towards the end women wanting it to be longer so they have more time to prepare or shorter so they can finally meet their babes! But for right now it's perfect for me.

If you could have anything that’s forbidden right now, what would it be?

I miss sushi SO much! That's the first thing I plan on eating after giving birth. Spicy tuna roll, I miss you!

What’s the most beautiful thing you hope to pass on to your baby?

I want to pass on kindness and empathy to my baby. I want him to know that other people's feelings matter and that they should be important to him.

Baby aside, what’s the most important fashion item for you?

Leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans and sneakers!

If someone asked you to describe Envie de Fraise, what would you say?

Easy to wear pieces that can take you from day to night. Everything is beyond comfortable. And so timeless!

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