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How did this dynamic Parisian find herself in the city of Marseille? Because she found her heart there! Elsa packed her suitcases a year ago in the great South to join her other half, and today they are preparing to become a family of three. This delightful pub chef, passionate about art, design and photography, will give birth to her first child who will be lucky enough to be lulled by the breeze of the Mediterranean.

Girl or boy… Did you find out or have you kept it a surprise?

Since this is our first baby we wanted to find out to make planning easier. We are having a little girl. I am very excited because I will be able to relate to her and share many things. I would love to have four children in total, so it leaves me the opportunity to have one or more boys in the future.

Anything you are currently craving?

I’m loving donuts and sweets. In the first trimester, I was into everything savoury - capers and the anchovies were my go-to. But recently, sugar cravings have been taking over.

9 months of pregnancy, too short or too long?

This is my first pregnancy so everything is very new and magical. I think it goes incredibly fast so I have been taking advantage of every moment. That said, with my belly continuously growing, I hope that the last few months will be as easy as the first... We will see, I prefer to take it a day at a time.

Is there anything you are currently craving that you cannot have?

Sushi - because I used to eat it all the time. Now, I am obliged to content myself with vegetable sushi rolls. I have already warned my husband that he will have to bring me sushi to the hospital. I do not want to wait another week!

How did you announce your pregnancy?

I waited for my partner to come back from the office, I pretended it was an ordinary evening, and then I casually handed him a piece of paper containing the result of the test. He was very moved and did not expect how quickly I got pregnant.

What values do you want to pass on to your little girl?

Respect in all its forms, towards herself, the family, and towards others. I would also like her to be open to the world, not afraid to be creative, and to believe in herself.

How would you describe Envie de Fraise?

A combination of style and comfort. The styles have an amazing fit. I love fashion and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything I’d like. Envie de Fraise offers trendy looks for the 9 months of pregnancy, and beyond.

A few words for your baby?

Welcome! You will see soon that you are going to have so much fun with us!

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