Aude The Instinctual


29 year-old Aude has a daughter of two and a busy job managing corporate events, yet she still pictures herself with three or four children a few years down the track. Her delicate traits and hazelnut eyes reflect her discreet determination in life. Seven months pregnant with her second child, Aude takes a few moments to share a candid snapshot of her life.

Girl or boy… did you find out or have you kept it a surprise?

I want it to be a surprise, like the first time. I have no desire at all to find out in advance. I’m more interested in the baby than its gender. When my daughter was born, I took five minutes before even asking if it was a boy or a girl. So, either way, I’ll be happy. Perhaps for the third or fourth I’ll have a preference, but I’m not there yet.

You crave… strawberries or an extra large steak?

My tastes changed as the months went by. In the first trimester, I needed meals that were filling, so a big steak and chips were most welcome. Now, at seven months, I’m more attracted to fruit and healthier foods.

9 months of pregnancy… too long or too short?

Everything seems longer this time around, since I’m also taking care of my daughter. My first pregnancy was all about introspection and letting all the magical changes wash over me. This time is different, I’m more tired. The great thing about it, though, is involving my daughter. She loves kissing my belly and giving it a bottle – so cute!

If you could have anything that’s forbidden right now, what would it be?

I would let loose on some lovely charcuterie and a good plate of cheese. I do indulge in a bit of cold meat once in a while, but cheese is a no-no as I don’t want to gain any extra weight.

When you found out you were pregnant, was it tears or smiles?

Smiles! We both wanted another child, so it was great news, and it happened so fast. Everyone was delighted.

What’s the most beautiful thing you hope to pass on to your baby?

I would say love, plain and simple. And sharing… It must be my daughter’s influence upon me to say that, she’s in her "me, me, me" phase!

Changing the topic to fashion: what’s your most important fashion item?

When I’m pregnant, I’m all about dresses. I find them most comfortable to wear, both at home and for work. I tend to choose close-fitting maternity dresses as I find them flattering. I worry I’d lose myself in a looser cut.

If someone asked you to describe Envie de Fraise, what would you say?

Fashionable. Pregnant women are largely discluded from the world of fashion. Most pregnancy clothes have an ‘old school’ cut. Envie de Fraise means I can be pregnant and trendy. The perfect mix!

A final little message to your baby?

"There is no love invincible and eternal but a mother’s love for her child." André Malraux

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