The Family Collection

A collection to be shared by mums and their children… And even dads! Looks that were created to be worn together as a declaration of belonging to the same tribe!

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Spring brings a fresh air of imagination and inspiration to our design workshop. A new passion ignites and electrifies our team: a dream of a new collection not only for future mums, but also their children and even dads – created to be worn by the entire family. Each item in the collection was created with a fresh vision while staying true to our brand DNA and the sole reason we exist: the mum.

With this collection we explore the playful and imaginative world of childhood. We sourced fresh prints, sought out the perfect fit and added beautiful finishing touches making each piece unique and special. Our intent - to infuse these pieces with energy and passion we experienced while designing it. This collection offers a perfect selection of mix and match ensembles for the entire family. We aimed to create pieces that look coordinated but not overstated when worn collectively by a family – as a declaration and feeling of belonging to the same tribe. 

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